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Welcome to MPLED,as world-class leading brand in professional display solution.With mature SMT technology,20years+ R&D team and engineer expert team,and first-class product quality.MPLED fine pixel pitch LED Display suitable for command centers,smart cities,TV studio and media radio etc.MPLED LED Display with stable,vivid image,anti-collision etc character,choice MPLED,you will choice reliable solution provider.Experience the MPLED professional as We will help your LED display business develop rapidly.

Why Choose Our Solutions?

MPLED Double backup LED Display


Power signal double backup,improve stability and reliability,help you enjoy high-quality images.

MPLED Anti-collision LED Display


COB technology: excellent protection,excellent heat dissipation,high reliability and perfect performance.

MPLED Larfe viewing angle LED Display

Larfe viewing angle

Ultra-wide viewing angle,you can also see images with uniform color,and details are clearly visible.

MPLED 16:9 led display screen wall


The standard golden ratio design can stitch excellent 4K/8k visual images.

More Advantage

Should you have any question of your project,please contact us,our professional project manager will give you a satisfactory solution.

7*24H No-Stop work

High-quality raw materials,advanced production equipment,and strict production processes allow each screen to be delivered to customers to meet the project requirements of 7X24H uninterrupted work.

MPLED 7 24H NO-STOP Work display wall

High protection

Adopted Flip chip COB technology or GOB technology,UHD LED Video wall can realize Waterproof,Dust proof,Anti-collision,Anti-oil stain,Antistatic and Antioxidation.less problem,longer MTBF and lifespan.

MPLED GOB technology LED Display wall screen stage led screen

2K 4K 8K solution

Panel size with 16:9 golden ratio(27"),combined with fine pixel pitch allow the setup of 2K,4K,8K resolution display achievable,perfectly match mainstream video sources and enable to substitute any existing LCD screen.

MPLED 2k 4k 8k LED Display wall screen video

Visual full link management

Only one platform software can satisfy the unified access and centralized management of large-screen display,audio and video processing,environmental central control and other subsystems and massive devices,which really simplifies your operation and makes visualization and one-stop centralization very Simple.

MPLED Visual full link management LED Display wall screen video

Energy saving cold screen

Adopted common cathode COB technology,less heat and more energy-saving,what`s more,when people stand front screen,not feel hot.

MPLED Energy saving and cold screen LED Display wall screen indoor led screen

High stability & security

Dual power and signal backup,guaranty the screen can support 7x24H without stop work.Meanwhile adopt high integrated design and high quality plug-ins,reduce 80% poor connect problem and great improve product stability.

MPLED High stability and security disolay wall screen


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