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Exciting Unveilings at ISE 2024: Simple, of course MPLED!

January 30, 2024

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, held in Barcelona from January 30th to February 2nd, emerges as the largest AV and system integration exhibition globally. The exhibition covers a broad spectrum, including audio and video conferencing, building automation, content management and distribution, flat-panel displays, furniture, mounts and racks, home theaters, interactive displays, LED videowalls, lighting control, multimedia control systems, professional audio, safety and life safety equipment, signal management, streaming, video projectors, and screens.

MPLED is thrilled to showcase an innovative array of products at ISE 2024. As a leader in the LED Display sector, we are set to captivate attendees with our latest advancements in audiovisual technology and integrated solutions.

What products will MPLED show at ISE2024?

RS Series – Rental solutions

Highlighted is MPLED’s cutting-edge RS Series, an advanced rental LED display solution. Praised for its exceptional brightness and clarity, the RS Series enchants viewers with vivid colors and high-resolution visuals. Whether at live events, concerts, or corporate presentations, its versatility shines, offering a dynamic and immersive viewing experience. With a lightweight design and effortless setup, it stands as the preferred choice for those seeking brilliance in every pixel.

RS series led display for MPLED

Product Characteristics:

Smart Chip for LED Modules No need RCFG file Just power one and use it

Current sharing technology(CST)

Triple anti-collision

Front Maintenance

Rear Maintenance

XR Series – Virtual Studio Solutions

Adding to the excitement, MPLED unveils the XR Series, a breakthrough in virtual display technology. The XR Series offers a seamless blend of reality and imagination, creating immersive virtual environments for various applications. From gaming and simulation to virtual meetings, the XR Series opens up new dimensions of engagement.

With its modern design and innovative features, it revolutionizes virtual displays, paving the way for the future of visual communication.

XR series led display for MPLED

Product Characteristics:

Most accurate colors

New GPU processing

Best reliability with Cloud monitoring

Curated LED for the largest color gamutSmart network 100Gb/s Ethernet data distributionNo scanning artefacts, even at very low brightness

Perfect greyscale thanks to a novel IC LED driver with Variable Current Technology

Should our products catch your interest or if you wish to arrange a brief meeting with our team during the exhibition, kindly reach out to your sales representative or email us . We eagerly await your presence.

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