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P5 HOYTS Cinema Led Display

June 12, 2023

HOYTS Cinema Group, a world-renowned cinema brand, has embarked on a striking innovative project at its New Zealand cinemas, aiming to enhance the audience’s movie experience and brand image. This project brought in MPLED’s expertise to implement advanced screen solutions in every part of the HOYTS cinema. From the eye-catching HOYTS branding to the movie trailer area, snack lounge and even the brand experience area, each location has been carefully considered. of customization.

MPLED Creative letter display  wall

This eye-catching project not only adds a variety of high-quality LED screens to the theater, such as letter LED displays, P2.5 cube LED displays, P3.91 indoor LED displays, and P3.91 transparent LED displays. These commercial displays are seamlessly integrated with the advanced facilities of HOYTS theaters, bringing audiences an unprecedented movie experience.

MPLED’s leading technology not only provides incredible visual impact, but also brings strategic advantages to HOYTS Cinema Group. The screens enhance the brand image while also providing a prominent advertising platform for brand partners.

By partnering with MPLED, HOYTS Cinema Group once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation to provide audiences with superior visual quality and an unforgettable movie-going experience. It paves the way for future upgrades of HOYTS cinemas, enhances the application value of indoor commercial displays and cinema video walls in the cinema, and increases the exposure of brand cooperation.

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