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High-end outdoor LED advertising large screen debuts in the Netherlands

April 07, 2023

On April 13, 2023, in the Netherlands, a distinctive outdoor high-end LED display, the AF Plus series, was unveiled. This unique LED screen covers an area of 50m² and is installed on the industrial area building, showcasing its features of hassle-free structural installation and being ultra-light and ultra-thin. Due to limited on-site power supply, it was operated at 5000 nits of brightness, yet it still managed to deliver eye-catching advertising effects, opening up new business opportunities for customers.

The LED display boasts an exceptional brightness of up to 10,000 nits, making it clearly visible in direct sunlight. This visual prowess enhances the presentation of advertisements and content, capturing more attention and increasing the effectiveness of advertising for customers.

Moreover, this top-tier product exhibits outstanding durability and energy-efficient design, maintaining its performance even after prolonged use, helping customers establish a strong brand image effortlessly. What’s even more impressive is its excellent heat dissipation design, ensuring stable operation under extreme conditions without the need for air conditioning or fans.

The AF Plus series’ multiple innovative designs have elevated outdoor high-end advertising display technology to new heights, creating more business opportunities and choices for advertisers while providing audiences with a more engaging advertising experience.

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