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Small-pitch LED display: high-definition and delicate perfect technology screen

April 07, 2023

Small-pitch LED display, also known as MicroLED display, is an advanced LED display technology characterized by extremely high pixel density and outstanding image quality.

Small-pitch LED displays feature an exceptionally high pixel density, typically ranging from hundreds to thousands of pixels per inch, allowing for clear and detailed images at various viewing distances. Due to the minimal spacing between pixels, small-pitch LED displays can achieve seamless splicing.

Utilizing self-emitting technology, each pixel in the small-pitch LED display comes with its own LED light source, eliminating the need for backlighting. This results in higher contrast and deeper blacks, contributing to superior image quality.

With support for front maintenance design, the displays can be wall-mounted without the need for complex brackets and structures. The 16:9 golden ratio design and fine pixel pitch support resolutions of 2k, 4k, and 8k, catering to diverse image requirements.

The dual backup design ensures system stability and continuity. In the event of a power supply or card failure, the backup takes over automatically, with the system precisely reporting error locations for swift issue resolution.

Highly integrated design and premium-quality components reduce the likelihood of issues by 80%, enhancing product stability and reliability while minimizing maintenance and repair costs.

These features make the led display suitable for scenarios requiring high resolution, reliability, and convenient maintenance, such as control rooms, meeting rooms, digital signage, and television studios.

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