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MPLED naked-eye 3D display unveiled in Pakistan

August 08, 2023

2022- In the colorful country of Pakistan, a flat, naked-eye 3D display is mounted on a busy highway footbridge. This special display is MPLED’s FC PLus series P8. This project not only provides stunning visual effects, but also integrates nature and technology, allowing passing pedestrians and vehicles to enjoy this multi-style and multi-cultural city. wonderful performance.

As the sun penetrates the blue sky of Pakistan, this flat naked-eye 3D display shines brightly. Whether it’s a hot afternoon or a quiet evening, the images on the screen are clearly visible and appear to be suspended in the air.

The display’s brightness reaches an astonishing 7,000 nits, while 16-bit color depth and a 3,840 refresh rate further enhance the visual experience. This allows the images and videos on the screen to remain detailed and vivid no matter what the weather and lighting conditions are, adding unique vitality to urban life, allowing people to pause for a moment and revel in this visual feast, highlighting technological innovation Charm.

The uniqueness of the FC Plus series lies in its creative customization. In an era of rapid information development, people need display screens of various shapes and sizes to adapt to different spaces and uses. This display offers a variety of options, including curved and right angles, providing unique solutions for different projects.

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